Harlem Wizards making return to BHS

Harlem Wizards making return to BHS

Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

The Bucs Booster club is bringing back the Harlem Wizards on Feb. 20 for a rematch against the Belvidere Ballers.

Last year, the Belvidere Ballers lost to the Wizards.

Ms. Andrea Linder, who is interested on playing this year, said, “I can not wait to dunk on them.”

The prices for the game will be $28 for court side seats, $10 for general admission, and $17 for reserved seating.

Returning player Mr. Sam Peters said, “I had so much fun last time, just being able to perform out there with fellow staff and be on the court with some of the most athletic guys I’ve ever been around. So yes I will definitely play this year.”

The proceeds will benefit the Bucs Booster Club while Renaissance is helping to organize the event.

Renaissance club adviser, Mrs. Jessica Full said, “After the Harlem Wizards game two years ago, we received a lot of positive feedback from students, teachers, and parents. Renaissance hoped to bring them back last year, but the scheduling just didn’t work out.”