Scholastic Bowl climbs NIC-10 ratings


Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

The Varsity Scholastic Bowl beat Belvidere North at home, 330-140, on Dec. 11.

Senior Captain James Wiedow said, “The team has been practicing hard all year and every player has made significant improvements.”

They also placed third at Auburn’s Harvard Fall Tournament on Dec. 7. Junior Matthew Colson placed fourth individually.

Head Coach Mr. Teso-Warner said, “Scholastic Bowl continues to be successful because we play many more rounds than your average NIC-10 team. We also start practice when the school year begins and don’t finish until after the school year ends when we finish at national tournaments. We have students who are not afraid to play any team, even if it means a loss because more playing experience equals stronger performance in the long run.”

The team also beat Hononegah, 330-110, and Guilford, 420-100, on Dec. 4. These wins increased the team’s conference record to 9-1.

Senior John King said, “I wanted something challenging to do for my senior year, so this is definitely up my alley. I’ve been having a lot of fun so far this year.”

The team has their next competition on Jan. 8 at Freeport, starting at 4:30.