Wake up Cubbies


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

The Chicago Cubs trade rumors reached a new high of insanity with the talk of trading third basemen Kris Bryant.

Bryant was the winner of the 2015 NL Rookie of the Year, three time All-Star, 2016 Hank Aaron Award, 2016 NL MVP, along with a few Player of the Week and Month awards.

The idea of trading one of the most important players in franchises’ history is insane. He helped lead the Cubs out of the painful 108 year World Series  drought and a playoff win hiatus that stretched from 2003, up until Bryant was even on the Cubs in 2015.

Bryant was less productive in 2018 as he batted a career low of .272 with career lows in Home runs, RBI’s and walks. He also only played in 102 games that season as he missed 20 games due to injury and many others due to lack of production.

The other reason the Cubs are having talks of trading the former MVP is because of the salary cap. The Cubs would have to pay a penalty for going over the 208 million dollars salary cap.

The Cubs should trade under productive closer Craige Kembrel. He had a career worst of 6.53 ERA through 23 games. He is also making an absurd 45 million dollars over three years with Cubs.

The Cubs are in a weird situation  where they are in the middle of tanking for better draft picks and playing for a deep playoff run. This trade could decide whether the Cubs start the long process of rebuilding or continue to try to win another title.