BHS welcomes State Senator

Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

Illinois State Senator Mr. Dave Syverson visited by  on Nov. 18, as he visited to see BHS’s new academic programs.

Senator Syverson started the day by greeting students before first hour began. After that he visited Mr. Jon Hannel and Mr. Stuart Teso-Warner’s classrooms to see  the new AP and blended classes.

Mr. Hannel said, “I appreciate Senator Syverson taking the time to see what BHS is all about, and I was especially proud of my students, who engaged in our discussion with a high level of candor. I can only imagine that Senator Syverson walked away impressed and proud of the community of students that he represents.”

After that he visited main office and watched Principal Mr. Billy Lewis do the Monday message before second period.

Senior Kelsiegh Moyer said, “I think it is important that Syverson visited. It shows that he cares about the work he is doing.”

Once second period started Mr. Lewis and the Senator moved to meeting with administration and  staff. The meeting consisted of conversations about PBG, special ed, and English learner students.

BHS has a higher population of special ed and English learning students which was one of Syverson’s main reason for visiting. Another reason for his visit was PBG. Illinois is one of the few states to allow PBG and BHS wanted to make sure Syverson understood that we like the change.

Senator Syverson ended his visit with a student panel and more class visits.