YouTube stars break internet


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

YouTube star, Shane Dawson, and beauty guru, Jeffree Star have broke the internet several times during the course of their new documentary series released on Oct. 1.

Episode one of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star was released on YouTube after a year of filming, much to the excitement of fans who patiently and impatiently waited. The following episodes, The Secrets of the Beauty World, The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star, The $20 million Deal with Jeffree Star, The Failure of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and lastly, The Conspiracy Collection Reveal were released Oct. 4, 11, 18, 28, and 29. The final episode of the series will be released later today; the time is yet to be revealed.

The documentary begins with Dawson and Star discussing the possibility of creating a makeup collection together. Dawson never had any experience in makeup beforehand, other than creating funny characters like the infamous Shanaynay for his YouTube channel. However, he expresses a genuine curiosity of the makeup world. The series goes on to show the process of choosing and naming shades, creating package designs, calculating the prices, and creating the promotional photos.

The ShanexJeffree Conspiracy Collection hit the internet on Nov. 1, making the website crash for hours on end. Users either could not reach the site, had items removed from their cart, or received no email confirmation for their order. Many fans were outraged by the difficulties, however a website crash was to be expected with a high volume of people on the site. A million palettes were sold within 30 minutes. A final restock for 2019 was released on Nov. 4, with the main palette selling out again.

The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star provides a unique inside look at the beauty industry. What makes the series unique is the pair being openly honest throughout the process. Whether it be about personal issues that came up during the process or the makeup production itself, Dawson and Star give the fans an emotional and honest documentary.

Dawson, a fan favorite of conspiracy theory videos and comedic videos for many years, started creating documentary videos starting last year. Since then, his popularity has only gone up. Some fans speculate among themselves on whether or not his new content is as good as his old content. His new content seems to make him a happier person. While he may be all smiles in his older videos, Dawson has opened up about struggling with creative ideas and being embarrassed of his content. This being said, fans should appreciate his creative flow and be proud of his self growth.

Star has graced the internet since the MySpace era, becoming known for his music before creating his own makeup company. His controversial past has played a role in fans being resentful of the series. Despite his past, it’s evident that he’s grown as a person and genuinely values his friendship with Dawson.

This isn’t the first time the pair broke the internet. In their previous series together, The Secret World of Jeffree Star, YouTube crashed numerous times when episodes were released. The algorithm couldn’t keep up with the traffic of viewers and comments coming in.

Whether viewers are or aren’t familiar with Dawson and Star, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star is worth watching if you’re interested in makeup and want to see the behind the scenes process of creating products and the business side of things. If viewers simply enjoy some drama or controversial topics, the series is also perfect for them. Viewers can find the documentary on Dawson’s YouTube channel, Shane.