Students protest backfires


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

Students protested the new hallway sweeps on Nov. 8 by staying out in the purple locker bays past the bell and wreaking chaos.

The protest was started by a few students on social media. The post was spread around quickly among the student body.

Junior Meadow Cox said, “I think the hallway sweeps are kind of pointless. Instead of students missing a few minutes of class, they miss out on the whole hour. I do feel that the protests were unnecessary and pointless.”

The students were given an opportunity to go to class before they were swept during the protest. Many of the students chose to ignore this offer.

Assistant Principal Mr. James Friesema could not comment on the incident due to the protest leading to student discipline.

Junior Logan Flood said, “I disagree with the protesting about the sweeps. It’s not that hard to get to class.”