Belvidere supports veterans


Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

BHS is hosting an annual Veterans Day assembly on Nov. 11th in the main gymnasium. All students and staff will come together to commemorate all generations of U.S. veterans.

This assembly’s purpose is to remember and honor our veterans. Many forget about the service veterans did to our country and I think this assembly is necessary so we remember and honor our veterans who serve our country so proudly.

National Guard soldier senior Ethan Andres “It was awesome how loud it got for me when my name was called. I very much appreciated the positive support and the assembly as a whole.”

Many students either consider joining the service or have family members in the service. For these students, this assembly is needed.

Sophomore Ethan Gardner said, “I am excited about the assembly as I have some of my family members who have served and this assembly means a lot to me and I hope it is treated with the respect it deserves .”

In the end, the Veterans day assembly that inspires a lot of students and can be an emotional experience. Having veterans in your family is one thing many students have in common and this is a good way to bring them together and commemorate their family members together.