BHS new library gains attention


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

BHS has received a furniture upgrade this year, bringing us a renovated library that has now been featured on a website.

The library upgrade in particular caught the attention of a site called, a website and company dedicated to furniture design for libraries and other educational spaces. The BHS library features comfortable furniture and new work spaces for students to use.

“I am so proud of the newer, more flexible furniture that has helped our kids focus, learn, and collaborate better,” librarian Mrs. Michelle Ernest said. “The comfort and ease of movement has allowed different work situations for our kids to use. The breakout rooms have enabled classes to split and to focus on more personal/ group learning as well as others in the same class working as a typical class would.”

Students can utilize the library in many ways, other than checking out books. Some classes have students venture up to the library to work in. With the new furniture, it’s easier and more relaxing for students to work.

“I like going to the library for class. It’s a really comfortable space and there’s nice music, too. I really love the new chairs,” junior Brianne Jankowski said.

The library has attracted students with blended classes and study halls especially.

“The new furniture is nice and comfortable. The atmosphere in the library is very calming, so it’s easy to study and work in for my study hall,” said senior Emilie Ellwanger.