New Mental Health club brings a place for students to vent


Dylan Schohn , Co-editor

A new club is being started by a student and a counselor here at BHS to give students a safe haven to vent and release stress about school and other activities.

The clubs possible names are “R-U-OK”, P.H.E.W (Peer Health and Emotional Well being), and “Buc Buds.”

Junior Jacob Fitch and Counselor Ms. Alicia Gomory are the founders of the new club.

According to the information sheet, the meetings would consist of meditation, relaxing podcasts, group talks, setting goals, and many more activities to help clear the mind of students.

Fitch said,”I presented the idea to Mr. Billy Lewis and Mr. Josh Sternquist because I wanted a place for students to be able to vent about their issues, rather than making them keep in bottled up.”

Junior Paige Kitsemble, who is interested in in being apart of the club, said, “I’m very happy that we can get a club to help kids with their mental health and help try and prevent the depression.”