Petition to shut down PBG at District 100 schools

Dylan Schohn , Co editor

A new petition to bring a halt to the new PBG system has been quickly sent around by both BNHS and BHS students this past week.

The petition was started by BNHS student Brayden Atkisson.

In his petition, Atkisson stated, “It is an ineffective, widely disliked, widely misunderstood, and inappropriate change in the high risk, and important four years of high school.”

“I like PBG because it actually assesses the student’s ability to master a skill, rather than giving points for homework completion,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Andrea Linder. “I believe that this is a change that will likely have a positive impact on many students.  There are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out and unfortunately, many students have been the guinea pigs for our trial and error with PBG.”

The petition has over 1,500 signatures.

Junior Paige Kitsemble said “I strongly disagree with the new grading system. To say the least, I’d love the petition to get rid of the system.”

Sophomore Athena Kindgren said, “I personally don’t like the PBG system because it makes it so if you mess up on one little assignment and get a one out of four, you fail the whole semester.”