Stu-Co hosts Blood Drive


Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

Student Council hosted a blood drive on Oct. 29 and collected 68 units of blood, which will save up to 204 lives.

After signing up to donate blood, students received a coupon to Culver’s for a free pint of ice cream with the quote, “Give a pint, get a pint.”

Adviser Mrs. Donna Schelonka said, “Since I have been the adviser, we have had blood drives twice a year. We have collected 460 units of blood in the past three years and we are hoping to increase those totals with a great turnout this year.”

In preparation for donating, students had to drink a large amount of fluids, eat a breakfast that consisted of protein, and avoid caffeine.

Stu-Co President senior Muskan Musabji said, “I love seeing all the people who are willing to donate blood to help this society. There are many kids who are donating that don’t even know how helpful it is to the community. I’m proud that we host the blood drive at BHS.”

The students donated one pint of blood. After donating, the students were given snacks such as pop-tarts, oreos, and soup.

Junior Ryan Morris said, “I feel great. It’s good to know I helped someone.”

Stu-Co will be hosting the second blood drive of the year on March 19.