Students take online survey

Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Senior Gavin Rhoads: “I like the survey to be honest. It gives me something to do for an hour. It’s something interesting for the week and it gets me out of class. Go Bucs.”





Sophomore Jay Ellis: “I think we had a lot more time than we needed for the survey and the survey was easy. The survey focused more on us as people rather than students, so I didn’t know how to feel about that.”




Senior Flavio Rosas: “We didn’t need all that time for the survey. The time we got was actually good enough to do other homework. I think the survey was kind of unneeded and personal.”




Senior Emilie Ellwanger: “I feel like the time taken out just for the survey was unnecessary, and I’m not sure why the first survey was even necessary. The time it took to take the survey was a lot shorter than the survey about the new furniture.”


Every year, students have to take an online survey about how they feel about the high school environment, staff, students, as well as their personal lives out of school and in school. The survey is typically long, however, this year the survey was seemingly a lot shorter.

While I understand needing to take time out of the school day to take a survey, it could have been done during a regular Buc Club schedule. The short survey took away time that students could’ve been spending in class. In prior years where the survey was longer, it was understandable to have more time taken out of the day to take it.

As far as the content of the survey, I understand why the questions regarding the high school environment are important to answer. It’s a good way for students to voice their opinion if we’re unhappy with certain things in school, whether it be how students treat other students, how teachers treat their students, whether or not they feel safe in school overall, and so on.

Overall, I believe that the school could have avoided the high amount of class time taken out for this survey the next time students have to take it.