BHS to hold first Trades Fair


Ethan Andres, Editor

BHS is hosting their first ever Trades Fair in the library on Thursday, Oct. 10 during fourth hour.

This fair is an opportunity for students to meet with representatives from various trade unions and/or Rock Valley College programs. It will present many “hands-on” careers.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for people that want to go into trades, and people that don’t want to go into it should look into it because it has lots of different types of trades,” said senior Joshua Garcia-Sanchez.

The trade unions attending include the following: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Sheetmetal Workers, Plumbers & Pipefitters, United Auto Workers (UAW), and Ironworkers. All of which will send representatives from their local locations.

“I guess the trade fair is pretty cool that its expanding people’s horizons and getting people into it that haven’t taken classes on it,” said senior Alex Jeffrey.

The Rock Valley College programs attending include the following: Automotive Service Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, TechWorks, Truck Driver Training, and Engineering Technology.

Counselor Mr. Jon Young, who organized this fair, said, “The goal behind the Trades Fair is that we have many students we know are looking for options after high school that don’t necessarily involve going to a traditional college. Many students are interested in hands-on careers. But often times they don’t know what types of opportunities exist for them. We wanted to give students the opportunity to meet with representatives from several labor unions to hear about their outstanding apprenticeship programs. We also wanted students to be aware of several of the hands-on career programs offered at Rock Valley College, such as their Automotive Service, Aviation Maintenance, and Truck Driving programs. We are really excited to connect our students to these great opportunities and let these local unions and our community college partners know what outstanding students we have at BHS who could be their future students.”