Carnival theme gives students a ride

Carnival theme gives students a ride

Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

This year at BHS’s homecoming the theme is a carnival and the school is getting wild. Homecoming week is Oct. 7-12 with the dance on Oct. 12.

Homecoming adviser Mrs. Donna Schelonka said, “I am hopeful that we will have a successful Homecoming week!  We are adding some new elements such as a scavenger hunt, Homecoming carnival and the class battles which should make it the most exciting Homecoming week yet.  I am also hoping that school spirit will increase from all of our classes.”

Each class decorates a locker bay for Homecoming on Oct. 4 right after school. Winning the locker bay contest will earn the class points toward the Homecoming class battle which is something new this year.

The Homecoming class battle is a competition between the four grade levels to see who has the most spirit. Many of the Homecoming activities allow the classes to earn points. The winning grade will have their class engraved on a plaque displayed in the school.

This year’s spirit week at BHS is stylish. Monday is Jersey Day wear any jersey you want! Tuesday is 80’s day, but seniors don’t forget it is Toga Tuesday. Wednesday is Generations Day, so freshmen dress as babies, sophomores as kids, juniors as adults, and finally, seniors dress as senior citizens.

The powderpuff game is on again this year taking place on Tuesday, Oct 8. Powderpuff is flag football with girls vs girls. This year the seniors are challenging a mix of juniors, sophomores, and a freshman team at 5:30. The winner of the first game challenges the teachers in game two.

On Oct. 10 during school, there will be a Homecoming assembly and all students will attend. There will be performances by the cheerleaders, the dance team, the band, and the faculty will be doing a dance. Also, there will be a chance to earn more points in the class battle competition in the Homecoming games at the assembly. The games consist of hungry hippos, a pie-eating contest, a relay race, basketball tic-tac-toe, and human ring toss.

Also on Oct. 10 is the parade and carnival. It begins at 6 PM. The parade starts on Pearl Street near the Community Building and turns left on Sixth Street, right on East Avenue, and finally ends at the high school. Following the parade is the carnival located on the field between BHS and BSMS. No cost to attend, but there are costs to participate in games and activities. Activities include a dunk tank, inflatables, a car people can hit with a sledgehammer, and of course, there will be a DJ.

Sophomore Caleigh Ellis said, “I am really excited to see how the floats turn out especially the seniors because they are doing a Ferris wheel.”

The Homecoming court is one boy and one girl from each grade besides seniors. Seniors Homecoming court consists of four senior boys and girls. Then out of those seniors, all students vote on who becomes King and Queen. Voting will be done during Buc Club on Oct. 8. Freshmen Hoco court is Devin Horn and Jalen Tabilangia. Sophomore Court is Jade Smith and Bryce Keating. Junior Court is Jaclyn McDonald and Tony Haras. The senior girls running for Queen are Viviana Carranza, Jenna Christ, Kaia Phimmachack, and Piper Roush. The Senior boys running for King are Howard Goston, Andrew Hawkins, John King, and Stephen Rucker.

Sophomore Byrce Keating said, “I am super excited to be apart of Homecoming court this year it will be a memorable moment. It will be exciting to see who will be voted King and Queen.”

The Homecoming football game will take place on Oct. 11. The game starts at 7:00 but the Hoco King and Queen will be announced after the JV game. The student section theme for the game will be chase the rainbow.