District 100 partakes in Adopt an Angel

Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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District 100 will participate in Adopt an Angel for the 11th year this upcoming holiday season.

The Adopt an Angel project is done through the Winnebago/Boone County Foster Care Alliance. The school district and community provide gifts to the local foster children and children involved with child welfare services.

“BHS is always very generous; we filled a conference room with gifts for Adopt an Angel in 2018,” English teacher Mrs. Jennifer Blaise said. “I think it took at least two minivan loads to pick them up.”

The tags given to participants in the project will include the child’s age and gender, along with what gifts the child would want. Each gift or gifts should be at least $20. The gifts will be picked up the first full week in December by the Winnebago/Boone County Foster Care Alliance.

“Children are our future and we need to nurture the hope that is within them, even if it is with a single gift,” Washington Elementary teacher Mrs. Misty Commare said.

People can also give cash donations or checks written out to Foster Care Alliance if they would like to help with this project. Donations will be turned in on the first full week in December as well.

District 100 has been able to provide at least one gift to about 3,500 children so far. Last year, the Belvidere School District provided gifts for 322 foster children. This year, they’re hoping to provide more.