New teachers join BHS


Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

A couple of weeks after school started, two new teachers joined the staff of BHS: Mr. Mark Flynn, the automotive teacher, and Mr. Lucas Fricke, an English teacher.

Both teachers were asked why they chose BHS to show the beginning of their Buc Pride.

Before Mr. Flynn started teaching at BHS, he was a heavy equipment mechanic.

Before Mr. Fricke began his career at BHS, he was a student-teacher for English teacher Mr. Stuart Teso-Warner.

Mr. Fricke teaches sophomore English classes and helps with English support.

Both Mr. Flynn and Mr. Fricke are starting their first teaching jobs ever right here at BHS.

“I chose BHS mostly because of my student teaching experience here. Mr. (Principal Billy) Lewis, the whole English faculty, and the students in general were all very welcoming and helpful to anything that I may have had  a problem with.”

“I chose BHS because I thought it was good school and a good opportunity for me and family. I chose auto because that is the field that I know best. I have a degree in Diesel Power Technology, and I worked in the trade for a long time.”