Pennywise makes a haunting return


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

IT: Chapter Two hit theaters with new thrills on Sept. 6 and brought in $185 million worldwide its opening weekend.

The film takes place 27 years after the Losers’ Club defeat Pennywise, the dancing clown. Mike Hanlon, played by Isaiah Mustafa, begins to notice disappearances similar to what they had experienced as teens and calls the rest of the Losers’ Club to warn them.

The beginning of the movie can be unsettling, showing Pennywise coming back to Derry, Maine and finding his first victim. The Losers’ Club consisting of Bill Denbrough, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Ben Hanscom, Eddie Kaspbrak, and Mike Hanlon meet together in Derry, happy to see each other again but solemn about the reason why. The film carries on to them investigating what Pennywise is and how to stop him again, with a good balance of humor and thrill as they face their fears once again. The child cast of the Losers’ Club from the first film do make appearances in IT: Chapter Two during flashback sequences.

If the viewer has read the book, the backstory for Pennywise is confusing. If the viewer hasn’t read the book, it’s even more confusing. The writers changed details that made a huge difference in how he’s non-climatically defeated and leaves the audience with unanswered questions. That being said, the backstory could’ve been explained better.

The character development in this film is something to be admired. James McAvoy plays the role of Bill Denbrough, a now grown man that still feels a heavy amount of guilt for Georgie’s death. Stanley Uris, played by Andy Bean, very much still fears Pennywise, however, he makes the ultimate sacrifice. Jessica Chastain plays Beverly Marsh in this film. She carries over Beverly’s strength but holds more fear than when she was a teen. Her portrayal of a woman getting stuck in an abusive environment again after surviving her father’s abuse is convincing, making it heartbreaking.

IT: Chapter Two has great CGI (Computer-generated imagery) overall, however, some scenes didn’t feel quite as polished as others. The use of CGI was also a bit excessive. There were moments that the CGI could’ve been replaced with normal SFX (special effects)  makeup and effects. Pennywise being a shapeshifter will need CGI work done regardless, but the audience doesn’t see much of him in his normal clown form.

Overall, the film is a great follow up to the first one. While pieces from the book, it’s original counterpart, are missing, it’s still a good envision of the book and the original movie made in 1990. Fans of Stephen King and horror fans alike can see IT: Chapter Two in theaters at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford.