BHS installs new wind screen


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

BHS has installed new windscreens on the tennis court to help promote the high school.

The new windscreens say “Buc Pride” and “Belvidere High School.”

Athletic director and assistant principle, Mr. Joshua Sternquist was the one who had the idea of putting up the windscreens.

“As I passed every day nothing spoke to those motorists saying THIS IS BELVIDERE HIGH SCHOOL! HOME OF THE BUCS! BUC PRIDE!” said Sternquist,  “So we made sure that everyone knew.  That is just the start.  More ideas and projects are in development.”

“I really love the new windscreens.” said junior Meadow Cox, “It gives our high school a modern feel  and it looks more professional.”

“The windscreens looks great and I’m so happy that the school did something to help show our Buc Pride.” said junior Paige Kitsemble.

Sternquist has already had many changes to the school such as the treasure chest.