Unknown Girl spreads positivity


Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

Ms. Shahrazad Sheikhali found sticky notes with encouraging messages in the girls’ bathroom in the red locker bay on Aug. 29. But, no one knows who started this encouraging thread.

Ms. Sheikhali said, “I don’t know who started it, but I watched messages be added on throughout the day.”

The notes included messages such as, “Be who you are and don’t be shy, be crazy!” and, “You deserve happiness.”

Sophomore Brynn Kirkland said, “I enjoy the messages because it is sweet and lifts everyone’s moods up.”

These sticky notes are beneficial for girls at BHS, especially when they are going through rough times, which is why BHS would like to figure out who this influential girl is. So, whoever it is, come forward and tell the school who you are.

Sophomore Athena Kindgren said, “I think that they are really nice and it encourages me and makes me happy.”

Update: Freshman Eleanor Savage came forward and revealed that she was the one to start the thread of sticky notes!