BHS holds 2nd annual mattress fundraiser

BHS holds 2nd annual mattress fundraiser

Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Performing Arts Center held the second annual mattress fundraiser on Aug. 31.

Custom Fundraising Solutions helped our Performing Arts Center for the second year in a row. They sold all sizes of mattresses, mattress protectors, adjustable beds, as well as pillows. All of the proceeds will be going to the Performing Arts Center here at BHS.

“The fundraiser is done through the music boosters, so it helps the entire performing arts department,” Theatre teacher, Mr. Greg Reilly said. “They do things throughout the year such as giving students scholarships, going on trips, getting new instruments, and so on. If students sign up and participate, they can benefit personally and get school spirit wear.”

This will help the theatre department with upcoming musicals and plays for the school year.

“Usually, the fine arts have to fundraise for everything that we want to do. We want to make this year spectacular, so we’re hoping to get a lot of funds,” senior Lily Perez said.

The proceeds from this fundraiser will also help the music department with their concerts.

“We get new suits and dresses and I know the band gets new instruments. It’s pretty helpful,” senior Alexandria Rose said.

The Mattress Fundraiser sold 15 mattresses alongside pillows and bed sheets this year.