Belvidere High School gets makeover


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

Over this past summer, 12 BHS classrooms got new desks, tables, and specialty tables.

Principal Mr.Billy Lewis said, “I believe it is not only more flexible, but it is more comfortable as well, which will only help learning!”

Ms. Danielle Turner has had the new seating for two years now she’s really enjoys them.

“I am able to easily move my flexible seating into small or large groups depending on the project and or assignment” said Ms.Turner.

Sophomore Athena Kindgren said, “I really enjoy the new seating because it’s easier to work together now.”

Belvidere North High School gave some of their old desks and chairs to us and a few teachers have them now in their classrooms.

Mr. Jonathan Hannel, one of the teachers with the flexible seating from BNHS, said “I love the new desks. Because the chairs can separate from the seats, we have more options in terms of seating arrangements, which opens up our instructional potential. I think the chairs are also much more comfortable, which I think helps students focus.”

The rest of the teachers that got new desks and specialty seating are Ms.Andrea Linder,  Mrs.Kathy Jerbi, Mr.Stewart Teso-Warner, Ms.Reines, Mr. Jeff Edelman Mrs.Jessica Full, Ms.Bridget Przybylski Mrs. Allison Smith Mrs. Miranda Zimmermen Mr. Jeremy Edwards, Mrs. Stacy Payne Mrs. Lourdes Maldonado, Ms. Ariana Sanders, Ms. Schmalen, Mrs.Natalka Nejman Ms. Jill Reints.