NHS applications due Aug. 30

Ashley Munoz, Staff Writer

National Honor Society, a club where students can achieve their goals, get scholarships. Develop there character and leadership skills. It’s a very serious club for a lot of students. This club takes place throughout the school year 2019-2020 at BHS.

To be able to apply you need to have a 3.5 GPA or higher. Students with this type of GPA are the ones who are able to be more consider for NHS from the anonymous faculty council who review the applications while the names are covered, it is all base on how well the students are involved with inside the school and outside the school.

“Students are able to get an application from the main office, my favorite memory has to be, the banquet at the end of the year where all the members view a slideshow of our activities from the year,” said Mrs. Eklund.

If students want to get involved with NHS because they think it would look good on a resume, don’t because students take it very seriously and they strive for a our school and community to be a better place.

“I love it when NHS students take ownership over opportunities that are presented to them, I have a lot of good memories from the years as NHS adviser, in general I really love seeing how students grow in their journey here at BHS,” said NHS adviser Natalka Nejman.

If applying make sure to improve and not play around. Applications can be turned in at any time, but no later than Friday Aug. 30 at 3 p.m.