Disney recreates classics this summer

Mariah Simpson, Staff Writer

Disney is hitting us with some of our old time favorites this summer. The Lion King and Aladdin will be released after summer and has everyone talking. The original Lion King came out June 1994 and the new version will be released July 19th, 2019. Aladdin was released in November 1992 and the new version is released May 24th, 2019. Everyone has been talking about how excited they are to see the new movie in a realistic form.

Junior Janaia Lemon gave us her feedback on the film so far, ¨Since I was little I’ve enjoyed all the Lion Kings, and I look forward to the new one and how realistic it is.¨ There is much hype behind The Lion King, no spoilers have been released on any main points in the movie.

Junior Savana Dozal stated, ¨ I want to see if they are going to change anything or if its going to be the same.¨ expressing about Aladdin. They have Will Smith playing the genie which has everyone excited to see him throughout his role.

The Lion King is about a young prince lion who has to grow up without his father, and fight for his thrown back. It’s full of music and jokes made to amuse the audience.

Aladdin takes place in the desert, with a broke teenager who seeks to be with the princess. He does extraordinary things just to please her, even exploring the most dangerous cave to find a genie who might help him.

nnis set to premiere this Friday at your local theater. Ratings for the movie have not been posted yet according to IMDb.com.

Disney has been recreating a lot of old movies lately and even adding sequels to more films. It seems like Disney is on the right track and has everyone excited for what they have coming out next.