Six Flags takes over operations at Magic Waters


Iven Lopez, Staff Writer

Six Flags takes over management of Magic Waters in Rockford, Illinois on April 1.

After being owned by the Rockford Park District for 34 years, Magic Waters has agreed to lease the park to Six Flags for 10 years. Rockford Park District Executive Director Jay Sandine was a strong advocate in this agreement.

“Partnering with Six Flags means great things for our community. By having the Six Flags brand in this market, we expect a major increase in tourism, which will have a significant economic impact,” said Sandine.

“What you’re going to see is a lot of operational changes,” said Six Flags Great America Park President Charles Salemi.

There will also be several major changes including a $10 parking, in-house food service, and the new season pass that allows access to any Six Flags park.

With the new change to the season passes, it’s expected to bring more attraction and tourists to the Rockford area and also to hopefully increase the number of people who purchase the season pass.

According to the Rockford Register Star, Six Flags will take over and also pay the Rockford park district $425,000 annually which will help pay off repairs in the past like redoing the parking lot and fixing the bathhouse.

Junior Zarius Dent was excited to hear about the deal on the new pass, especially since opening day is in less than a week.

” My family enjoys going to Six Flags and Magic Waters. Now that I can buy a pass for both of the Parks, it will save our family a lot of money, but still allow us to go to both,” he said.

Six Flags Magic Waters opens Saturday, May 25. For more information visit www.sixflags/