BHS offers blended classes

Savannah Ferraro, Staff Writer

Belvidere High School is offering blended classes next year to give students to give a different opportunities.

A blended class is a class in which you will do a lot of outside of class work and online work unless you are struggling you will need to be in that class as well as you will be required to go two to three times a week.

BHS Counselor Mrs.Michelle Eklund said,”students enrolled for a blended class where they would only have to attend the class a few times and do activities outside of school.”

Some of the classes that are offered at BHS for the year 2019-2020 are consumer education, English 10 AC, psychology, AP Bio, Spanish 3, Professional Writing, Communication, and Creative Writing.

Some of the teachers participating in a blended class are Mrs.Sarah Nordstrom, Mrs. Jaclyn Riggins, Mr. Jeremy Edwards, Mrs. Andrea Linder, and Mrs. Stacy Payne.

The 2019-2020 course catalog states as long as students are taking responsibility for their learning, making adequate progress, and achieving their goals they will have more flexibility.

Mrs. Payne said, “students only have to come to a couple of times during that class period and students may go to the library, cafeteria, or get extra help in a class as long as they are passing.

Overall a blended class gives students the opportunity to have more room for other school work or free time while still getting credit for a class. If you’re interested in a blended class, see Mrs. Michelle Eklund in Student Services.