Sonic The Hedgehog receives backlash


Karim Abdelqader, Staff Writer

Sonic The Hedgehog hits theaters November of 2019 and has received tons of backlash from Sonic fans for the hedgehog’s nightmarish design.

According to Wikipedia, Sonic has been a household name ever since the first game’s debut in June of 1991 titled Sonic The Hedgehog. A live action movie has been rumored to be in the works ever since 2012. Now, we finally have confirmation of a movie under the same name as the first game releasing in November in local theaters.

The movie, however, has had a huge outcry from Sonic fans and movie critics alike. People describe the design as ugly, scary, disappointing, or just laughably bad.

In a video by Youtube star Jeremy Jahns, he said, “This is just awful, this is not the Sonic I remember from my childhood.” The IMDb gave the movie a 4.4/10 with one reviewer who said, “With a $90,000,000 budget, I’d expect a lot more than this.”

BHS freshman Alex Steege said this about the movie, “I’ve never been a Sonic fan, but now after seeing that trailer I know I’ll never be a Sonic fan.”

When asked if he will see the movie, Steege said, “No, I’m not going to waste my money on that.”

Sonic The Hedgehog has gone down in popularity and hype. Jim Carrey being cast as Dr. Robotnik isn’t even getting fans excited for the movie. With one fan who said that this may be Carrey’s worst role.

The freakish design of Sonic is the main thing that is pushing viewers away. Paramount Studios came out and apologized for the design of the hedgehog and will now work restlessly until their Sonic fits the satisfaction of the fans.

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