Seniors say goodbye to BHS

Hailey Schloskey, Staff Writer

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The Belvidere High School class of 2019 graduated on Saturday May 18 at Rock Valley College. Almost 300 seniors graduated from BHS at 10 a.m.

Their were 77 seniors with honor awards. Seven students were Summa Cum Lauade, which is the highest honor award. Magna Cum Lade which is high honors was awarded to 37 seniors. The honors, Cum Laude, was awarded to 33 students.

¨It feels good to be recognized for all the hard work I did throughout my 4 years at BHS and I hope I set an example for my younger siblings too,¨said Senior Zach Tobler, high honors.

The perfect attendance award is not given out to every graduating class. The class of 2019 had one student who went to school every day besides missing one day for her flight for basic training. The award was given to Kori Kotarba.

¨I have had perfect attendance since I can remember and that award was most definitely worthwhile. I am so ecstatic that high school has finally ended and that I can move on to even greater things away at college. Especially studying for my career as a veterinarian,¨ said Kotarba.

Student Council Class President Emma Wallace gave the closing address and the turning of the tassels. Wallace talked about her track team and how she learned so much by being on the team.

¨Giving a speech at graduation meant the world to me. It was awesome to share a part of myself to the entire class and inspire them for the future. I am really excited to see what this world has ahead for us,¨said Wallace.

The Acapella Chorus  and the BHS Band performed during the ceremony. Senior Chorus was able to sing one last time before saying goodbye.