Detective Pikachu earns $54.4 opening weekend


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Detective Pikachu brought a wave of nostalgia to fans in theaters on May 10, bringing in $54.4 million its opening weekend.

When word broke out about a live-action Pokemon movie is in production, and with Ryan Reynolds voicing a much beloved Pikachu, there were mixed reactions from fans. However, Detective Pikachu has broken the record for the largest opening weekend for a video game movie.

The movie is based on a 21-year-old named Tim Goodman. When Tim’s ace detective father goes missing, his father’s Pokemon partner, Pikachu, joins Tim to solve the mystery of his disappearance. However, they prove to be a unique duo when they discover that they can speak to each other.

Detective Pikachu begins with Tim being on his own and discovering the news about his father. At the start, the audience can have a quick assumption of what their father-son relationship is like. Detective Pikachu moves forward with Tim finding Pikachu in his father’s apartment. The investigation begins to take off from there.

The movie has a twist and even more twists that follow throughout the storyline. In the words of Pikachu, it’s “very twisty”. The twist and turns make the audience conduct more theories on who the real evil mastermind is and keeps them on their toes.

The Pokemon featured in the movie include Bulbasaur, aipoms, charmanders, cubones, treeckos, sneasels, and many more. While the CGI made some fans think the Pokemon looked creepy, I believe that it looked realistic and still holds true to the classic Pokemon charm. The Pokemon blended into the real world almost seamlessly and their well-known powers looked amazing to see on screen.

Detective Pikachu has good humor and heart-tugging moments, making the audience want to have a Pokemon partner of their own. Pokemon lovers and movie lovers alike can go see Detective Pikachu in theaters at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford.