Students run for Stu-Co positions

Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

Freshmen and sophomores voted for their Student Council Class officers in BUC Club on May 16.

Freshmen Marco Bychowski, Haley Sweeney, and Will Griffis ran for President of the incoming sophomores. Bychowski won the election.

Bychowski said, “I’ve always wanted to be President, but I wasn’t confident enough. However, my friend, Cesar, inspired me and gave me the confidence to run.”

Freshman Jadyn Vail ran for Vice President and freshman Caleigh Ellis ran for Secretary of the 2020 class.

Ellis said, “I am running for secretary because I want to make a difference. A lot of people also complain about not being represented correctly and I thought I would take the chance of representing them.”

Sophomore Cesar Medina ran for Vice President of the incoming junior class.

“I decided to run because I felt I could represent all the good things our school does. Once I heard nobody was running for our class, I didn’t want it to seem like nobody wanted to represent us, so I took a risk and decided to run.” said Medina, “I really want to focus on energizing the student base by taking into consideration what they would like to see from their student council and their school in general.”

Sophomore Michael Trenhaile was elected to be President, sophomore Kalie Anderson was elected to be Secretary, and sophomore Brianne Jankowski was elected to be Treasurer for the junior class of next year.