BHS names Peters new Cheer Coach


Jaxson Forman, Staff Writer

BHS business teacher Mr. Samuel Peters has been named as the next Cheer coach for the Bucs earlier this spring, following the resignation of Coach Annette Byers.

Coach Byers coached the Varsity Fall Cheer team for over 10 years, she is still the Varsity Competitive Cheer coach.

One of Peters’ toughest challenges is to revive a team that is lacking a good culture, for the Bucs did not have a single senior finish the season last year.

Peters said, “I don’t plan on making a ton of changes, but one of the biggest things I want to incorporate into our teams is versatility and adaptability. Everyone shouldn’t just be a “one-trick-pony.” I want my athletes to be able to do a variety of positions and work with multiple different stunt groups with success. In the past, I feel that getting dedicated stunt groups too early has hindered the overall growth of some of our athletes. I’ve also changed the way that we announce team placement which will hopefully hold athletes more accountable for their individual progress as well.”

The Bucs return all players from last years squad, including the MVP and captain.

Junior Captain Lexi Vermies said, “I am excited for Mr. Peters to become our coach for the fall season. He was a great assistant coach, so I can’t wait to see what he does as head coach.”

Just like many other fall sports, cheer is unable to have formal practices over the spring.

Junior Savana Dozal said, “I think Peters is really going to push our team, and push ourselves to accomplish more things and prove to us that we are a great team.”

Peters said, “I’m just excited to get started. I’ve been through the program myself so to be able to be back here and in charge of the same team I used to be on – it’s an exciting feeling. The worst part is having to wait until summer to actually get started.”

There’s a lot to look forward to for the Bucs Cheer team this year. They have a solid group of leaders that have been in the program for at least a year.

Peters said, “Mainly just seeing where some of my thoughts for how the team should be run will take us. Like I always say, we have a ton of talent that I feel is under-utilized and accountability is a big part of that. I’m hoping that we can really get a group of kids together that wants to work, get better, and push each other to get better as well. I’m excited to see that process begin to happen.”