Performing Art students get awarded for excellence

Christopher Tacchi, Staff Writer

Students in the Performing Arts came together at the BHS cafeteria and earned awards for amazing participation in the program and let seniors say goodbye to the underclassmen and gave them stuff to remember them by in a ceremony May 15.

The banquet was hosted by Mr Dan Foster, Mr Mark Miller, and Mr Greg Reilly.  Mr.Foster said if fiances weren’t a thing he would change the location of it and get a banquet hall for more people to fit in the room.

“Band has been doing it for nine years and we wanted everyone to join in on it,” Foster said.

Mr/ Miller said he wouldn’t change anything except the senior wills. “I was proud of all the energy from the students and was proud that we all could come together,” he said.

Some of the awards included the Kathy Moan Award which was given to Emily Beal.

“I am really going to miss what we have made of the performing arts over these past four years, which we have wonderful things happen,” Beal said.

The Mama Hen and The Papa Bear award which was given to Garrett Pierce and Emily Beal, and then some awards were given to others for first year people who joined a performing arts class just this year.

This banquet also provided time for the seniors that graduated to say a few words to the underclassmen who have looked up to them since they got to BHS; there were a lot of tear shed for the seniors and from the seniors, especially people who helped out with the plays, musicals, and chorus concerts.

If you have any other questions about the banquet see Mr. Foster in FA40, Mr. Miller in FA50, and see Mr. Foster in FA20.