Different grading policies coming next year

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BHS will have some new grading policies starting in the 2019-20 school year.

One major change is a weighted Grade Point Average (GPA). This will raise the GPA of students taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

In AP classes, an A would be scored as a 5.0 in your GPA as opposed to the traditional 4.0. In addition, a B in an AP class becomes a 4.0, and a C in an AP class becomes a 3.0.

“So often students take courses that do not challenge them academically in order to easily maintain a good GPA,” said Mrs. Sarah Nordstrom, who will be the AP Language teacher next year. “If having a weighted GPA encourages more students to challenge themselves by taking AP courses, then I think it is beneficial.”

Junior Payton Bruneau, who plans to take AP courses for the upcoming school year, said, “If it increases your GPA, then it will help with making it into college and sports eligibility.”

Another big change is that any D’s will no longer be considered a passing grade. In recent years, D’s were acceptable.

This will impact students for multiple reasons. Any athletes with a D will now be required to complete tutorials in any classes they have a D in order to stay eligible. Also, a student would not receive a credit from a class if they end the semester with a D.

BHS head golf coach Mr. Jeremy Edwards, who agrees with the policy of D’s no longer passing, said, “I do not think it will effect eligibility at all because dedicated student athletes will do the work to stay eligible wherever that eligibility line is.”

Junior three-sport athlete Howard Goston said,”The ineligibility rates will increase, which means we will be short on numbers, and we won’t be able to play to our full potential.”