BHS goes to The Rembrandt Convention


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Several BHS art students got to participate in The Rembrandt Convention in Champaign, IL. on March 8.

The Rembrandt Convention is a statewide art convention and competition for all artists alike. Students got to participate in workshops to learn new techniques such as anime-styled drawing and watercolor painting.

BHS competed in the costume contest, artwork competition, and special project this year. Among the students that competed were senior Madison McKinley, juniors Milana Rovella, Sebastian Williams-Lacy, Julia Costa, and sophomore Zariah Williams-Lacy.

BHS Art Club placed first in graphic design and first in the special project, which was a creation of Magik cards.

Senior Madison McKinley placed first in photography this year. She also placed first in the Greek Mythology costume contest category with Ms. Jilian Reints. She was also awarded the most valuable art club member.

“I’m so happy and proud of myself, ” McKinley said.

Junior Julia Costa placed third in graphic design. Costa took first in the Egyptian Legend category of the costume contest. She also placed third in black and white drawing and received the purchase award for her black and white drawing. The award included $500 for her artwork and a permanent spot in an art gallery.

“I feel great about them doing so well. It’s an exciting event and a great experience for the students. It gives them a chance to represent the school the same way kids in sports and music do and feel proud of their work,” Ms. Reints said.

Not every student that went competed, but still had a great time learning new things and being surrounded by fellow artists.

“It was my first time going to Rembrandt. It was a great new experience for me and it was a lot of fun,” senior Savannah Scholl said.