Mr. Edwards wins Golden Apple Award


Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

Mr. Jeremy Edwards was awarded the Golden Apple Teacher Award on March 7.

Mr. Edwards said, “It was a tremendous honor to be recognized by the Golden Apple community as a top educator.  There were 20 extremely qualified candidates this year and I was overwhelmed when they showed up in my room that morning.  It always feels good to know your hard work and dedication to a craft is recognized and celebrated.”

He has been teaching for 18 years total and has been a teacher at BHS for five years. He teaches freshman biology and AP biology. Next year, he will start teaching Intro to Health Occupations.

Sophomore Emerson Gaines said, “He interacts so well with the kids and he makes you work for your grades, which is a great quality!”

Mr. Edwards is also the Boys’ Golf coach and has been for two years.

Sophomore Nickole Ryan said, “He is a really good teacher and he always makes things fun! He really deserved to win the award.”

This award has been given out every year since 1986.