NHS March Pie Madness

Brad Garvey, Staff Writer

National Honor Society will be presenting their sixth annual March Pie Madness. The week of March 3 the students will decide which teachers should get pied in the face.

The pieing will be taking place on Friday, March 8 during both lunch hours. All the proceeds go to Relay for Life, an organization that raises funds and awareness to help people with cancer.

Senior Kayla Konieczki said, ”I like the idea of March Pie Madness, but I wish they could have changed it to National Pie Day which is on March 14.”

The different teachers that are getting pied during 5A lunch are Mr. Joshua Tatman, Mrs. Donna Schelonka, Mr. Daniel McNames, Mr. John Deery, Mr. Billy Lewis, and Mrs. Lourdes Aguilar.

NHS adviser Natalka Nejman said,“I love that teachers and administrators in our school are so open to volunteering to get pied for a good cause. NHS really appreciates it.  We are raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.”

The teachers that are getting pied during 5C lunch are Mr. Mark Miller, Mr. Sam Peters, Mr. Peter Beke, Mrs. Andrea Linder, Mr. Jeff Edelman, Mr. Aaron Reinold, and Mrs. Kayla Goldschmidt.

Junior Addison Gunn said, ”I really like that we get to participate in different activities like this in school. I’m glad that we get to help raise money for cancer patients that really need it.”