Scholastic Bowl takes Second


Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

On Feb. 6 the BHS scholastic bowl team took second place in the NIC-10 conference tournament. Senior Nick Larson made the all-conference team, taking second place in points per game.

Coach Mr. Stuart Teso-Warner said, “At the Varsity Conference Tournament, we placed second behind Auburn, currently ranked fifth in the country, so it was an expected loss. At the Frosh-Soph Conference Tournament, we didn’t make the final two teams, as we lost to Hononegah in a close game. Not to diminish the meaning of a conference tournament, but we go to many tournaments over the course of the year, beginning in October and finishing in May. Our players are highly talented, including both our graduating seniors like Nick Larson, Isaiah Lopez, Kai Bonsol, Kevin Jenks, and Jonathan Varela, and sophomores and freshmen like Aston Martin, Matthew Colson, Daniele Heinz, Marissa Medina, Rogelio Torres, and Owin Hunter. Matthew and Aston have attended several varsity tournaments to strengthen their gameplay as they move up to Varsity next year.”

In the sectional, the team was also voted third out of all the teams and will be given the opportunity to host our own regional.

Sophomores Matthew Colson and Aston Martin also made the all NIC-10 fresh/soph team. Colson was the fourth most point taker and Martin tied for tenth.

Martin said, “I am very proud of my team, and I am excited to see how I and Matthew perform at regionals.”

Also on Feb. 16, the team competed in the Masonic Sectionals tournament and placed third overall.

The scholastic bowl team will be competing in NAQT High School National Championships May 24-26.