Stu-Co hosts BHS/BNHS T-shirt contest

Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

Student Councils from BHS and BNHS are hosting a T-shirt design contest. Students from both schools can compete to design the best crosstown shirt. Submissions are due by March 6.

This is the third year that the high schools teamed up for this contest. BHS won the contest last year and hopes to do it again. Last year, a student from North won the contest.

Junior Caitlyn Swimelar said, “This not only raises money for a charity but gives both BHS and North students an opportunity to show their artistic ability.”

Both high schools will vote for the best two shirt designs from each school. If the winner is from BHS, they will receive a $100 gift card to use for football concessions or BUC gear.

Sophomore Elizabeth Heimer said, “I think that the contest between the schools brings them together, despite it being a competition.”

The winning shirt will be sold at next year’s football games.