BHS make up days cause problems

Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

With the weather we have had this year, it is no surprise that we missed a couple of days of school. With the temperature dropping far below zero and the snow piling up over night and even black ice showing up on the roads, it’s very hard to get students to school and let alone have school.

When school is cancelled, the district usually has to make them up. District 100 will only makes up five days even though we have had school cancelled seven times this year.

The district will be doing the make up days on Monday the 22nd of April after Easter, and the 28th-31st after Memorial Day. In my opinion this isn’t the best idea for how we could do this.

The reason I feel this way is because it forces us to go to school after memorial day and by then kids will lose motivation to do work.

I think that we should take away spring break. It would be better because we would get out of school faster and wouldn’t have to attend school after Memorial Day.

The downside of this is that students will be angry and upset and they will upset about not having an extended break.

If we did do this, then one way we could fix that too is by having random days where we have no school throughout the month of February and March just to give the students a bit of a break. We could do it on days such as March fourth or March 22nd.