Alita: Battle Angel fights in box office

Alita: Battle Angel fights in box office

Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Alita: Battle Angel came out in theaters on Feb. 14, 2019 and made $27 million its opening weekend.

Alita is a fantasy and science fiction film that is based off a Japanese graphic novel. The storyline is set several centuries into the future, where cyborgs are commonplace. Ido, a cyber-doctor, finds Alita’s broken body in a scrapyard and manages to piece her back together. When Alita gains consciousness, he realizes that she’s is suffering from amnesia.

As the movie goes on, Alita’s mysterious past begins to come into focus for her and the audience. The audience not only gets to experience the surprise from the reveal of her former life, but also the many plot twists along the way.

When the audience is first introduced to Alita, she comes across as a naive teenage cyber-girl. As the movie progresses, the audience sees Alita transform into a strong woman who knows her place in the world. The character development is something that many people can embrace and look up to.

Being based off a series of comics, there is quite a lot of background information to dig into. The writers did a great job of providing the right information without making the movie drag on slowly or making the movie feel rushed.

Alita has its fair share of action sequences. However, the special effects and choreography of the fighting makes it entertaining and not cheesy or overdone.

I went to see Alita on Feb. 14 and after seeing the ending of this movie I believe it leaves it open to a sequel. Alita: Battle Angel went past its box office expectations, leaving hope that it will get the sequel I think it deserves.

Whether people do or don’t know what Alita: Battle Angel is based off of, it is definitely worth seeing. Movie goers can see Alita: Battle Angel at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford.