Golanka leads BHS in boys swim

Regina Czajkowski, staff writer

BHS boys swimming competed at State Finals and Daniel Golonka was there. He is one of the main swimmers known, between BHS and BNHS. 

“I originally swam on the Belvidere Barracudas swim team, and I think my parents just wanted me to be involved in something,” said Daniel Golonka.

Feb.22 was state for them and they had to compete in four different events. The boys set a new team record on the relay, 1:29 was the time for the 200 relays.

“They finished up with a fantastic season this past weekend competing at state,” Coach David Graffy said.

The advance at state, Devin Green and Daryl Kay did Freestyle. Green 1st in a 200 Freestyle, while Kay got 3rd in a 100 Freestyle. Oryi Tucker and Daniel Golonka were there as well. Tucker scored a sixth place for a 200 Individual Medley. He also did a Butterfly and got 5th place for that. Golonka got 6th place with a 50 Freestyle. Two other swimmers were there and made it in 12th place for what they did.  The team placed third, Feb. 16 for sectional.

Next was the NIC-10 Varsity Conference. They finished in 3rd place on Feb 9. Marked a high and finished meet ever since the co-op started. Daniel Golonka was apart of the top 6 finishers. Golonka was apart of the fifth-place finish. He was apart of the 400 Freestyle relay team. That relay team finished in 1st place! 

“I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at a meet when I get a specific time or place because I know my hard work was worth it,” said Golonka. “Our team has fairly high level of teamwork, especially in relays where teamwork is the main idea. Everyone understood that they would not be as successful without their teammates. The main contribution to our state relay is the teamwork in the athletes.”

Golonka does plan on joining next year.

“I do plan on joining next year, hopefully, to have another great season,” Daniel said.