Glass shatters box office

Glass shatters box office

Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Glass was released on Jan. 18, 2019, and was No. 1 in the box office for its third weekend in a row.

The movie is a prequel, following after Unbreakable, released in 2000, and Split, released in 2016.

James McAvoy comes back as his infamous character Kevin Wendell Crumb and sets the story off with him kidnapping yet another group of girls. His quick change in tone, body language, and all around the manner in a matter of seconds is something to admire throughout the duration of the movie.

Bruce Willis reprises his role of David Dunn, who has continued to be known as The Oversee-er. He manages to run into Hedwig, one of the many identities of Kevin and locates the girls. However, the Beast makes an appearance. This takes the film to its main setting, a psychiatric facility.

The movie begins to really take off once they meet Elijah Price, otherwise known as Mr. Glass, who has been locked in the facility for a while.

The storytelling of each character’s background is a great refresher for both those who have seen the previous movies as well as those who have not. Glass has great twists and turns throughout the film as well as good action sequences and leaves people wondering what happens next. It also leaves people wondering the most important question of all; do super-humans really exist?

Glass is a great movie to take the time to see. Audiences can see it at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford.