Boys Basketball on the rise for Regionals

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Boys Basketball on the rise for Regionals

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The boy’s basketball team has had success within the past two weeks, they have won three out of the last five games and they’re not looking to stop there.

The boys beat Freeport, Woodstock, and Genoa-Kingston these past two weeks, although they did lose to Guilford and Auburn.

The seasons has not been too easy lately because of all the cancellations of both games and practices due to the crazy weather, Senior Steven King said: “surprisingly it’s not setting us back one bit, we realize that we have to work even harder in practices if they are going to be cut short.”

Senior Zach Tobler said “With having our practices cut, we have noticed that we can’t waste any time that we are given. Practice is where it all starts so we have really been working hard every day we get in the gym.”

Since the beginning of the season, the boys have really improved individually and as a team. Both the first times they played Genoa-Kingston and Freeport, they ended up with losses. Yet within the second time around, they came out with wins against both.

Head coach Brian Koehne said, “I think that the team has really come to a long way.  We asked them to make a lot of changes this year and play outside of their comfort zone.  That can be difficult and it can be especially difficult when you don’t have early success, but they stuck to it and kept getting better.” Koehne added, “February is when you want to play your best basketball and our guys are starting to hit their stride. We have won three out of our last five and have been very competitive with all of the 3A teams that we have played.  Regionals will be tough, but if we keep progressing over the next three weeks, we have a chance to cause some people some problems in the postseason.” 

 The boys are very confident going into the end of the season and regionals, hoping to bring home another regional championship title like the teams from 2016 and 2017.

Senior Camryn Taylor said, “We struggled in the beginning but I have high hopes that our team will come together and do great things at regionals.”

Senior Andy Valladares also said, “The beginning of the season isn’t as I expected or wanted for my senior year, but with regionals right around the corner, I know this team has the dedication and talent to bring home the championship title!”

The Regional tournament starts Feb. 25 and will be hosted at either Genoa-Kingston or Johnsburg.