Perks of being single on Valentine’s day

Perks of being single on Valentine's day

Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

Being single on Valentine’s is inevitable to must of us. It takes a while to find the right partner. Even though it is a day to celebrate you time with whomever you’re in a relationship with, it’s very common to find yourself with out a significant other, which can actually be a good thing.

When you don’t have to plan out a romantic date it’s a nice thing. People don’t have to stress over whether or not you planned a good enough date, you don’t have to worry about what gift to get them, and you definitely don’t need to worry about the big bill at the end of the night.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to try a over-hyped dating website where the people are creepy and the chances of finding “the one” are the same as you finding a needle in a haystack.

Now I know how it’s really sweet to take someone out on Valentine’s day and plan a really romantic day of fun couple activities, but it’s not necessary to have a fun day.

You don’t need a date to have fun. You can go out with a few friends or stay in and watch one of your favorite shows. Don’t spend money on someone who probably won’t be in you life in a few months. Spend money on yourself because you will always be in your life.

Don’t be sad when you’re alone on Valentine’s day. It’s normal to be alone and it’s nice to relax and not try and impress someone.