BHS students race to class from new tardy policy

Grace Haug, Staff Writer

As of Jan. 14 BHS has a new tardy policy put in place, to try and motivate more students to get to school and each of their classes on time.

After almost 70 students were arriving late unexcused to school each day, it is clear to the staff that they needed to change things.

Dean of students Mrs. Wiercinski said, “If students arrive to school late and unexcused, they will receive a lunch detention or after school detention. Additionally, any student that accumulates three or more tardies in a week will meet with an administrator for intervention.”

Another major change is the removal of tardy referral slips, and instead all tardies will be tracked through eSchool. Students then can easily track all of their attendance for each day during the semester.

“It is unreasonable for a policy like this, because people that are never late will have to get a detention, rather than a smaller punishment,” said senior Dylan Brooks.

The staffs main goal is to help students develop a lifelong habit of being punctual, and arriving to school on time will help them with skills they will need in the future after graduating from BHS.

Senior Daisy Lagunas said, “I think it’s terrible but also smart, because it got me to get to school on time.”

Now that the policy has been put in place, there are high hopes for all students to work hard to get to school on time.