3/51 back on the map

Brad Garvey, Staff Writer

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The room 3/51 that has been under construction for 4 months and now it is finally finished.

There are multiple student who are still upset about the murals on the window but, with the new outlook on the room there are different activities and benefits that come from 3/51.

Junior Allie Rodriguez said,”It’s a really cool space and gives something new for the students and it’s a really good work environment for me to study and focus on my work.”

This year, 3/51 will be used for classes when teachers check out the space through the main office. Staff will use it as well for various training’s and meetings.

There is an interactive SMART board in the room that can project directly from a computer. There will also be smaller TVs eventually installed for small group projection purposes.

There is new furniture both in the main space as well as the breakout rooms that is easy to move around.

Principal Billy Lewis said,” The main purpose of the room is to provide a more up-to-date and flexible work space for staff and students.”

There have been different teachers using the space already with different types of projects.

Mrs. Joanne Johnson said,”It is very useful with a lot of different language videos for Spanish and it’s a new environment for me and the students to use.”