Escape Room becomes first breakout hit of 2019


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Escape Room released in theaters on Jan. 4, 2019 and earned $18 million it’s opening weekend.

The movie is centered around six strangers in Chicago that each receives a strange invitation. The invitations invite them to an escape room that has “never been solved before” and offers a $10,000 prize if they’re able to escape.

The strangers are versatile, in the fact that they’re completely different from one another, but manage to work together as the story moves along. There’s an intelligent but timid, college student, your typical successful businessman, an escape room fanatic, your average joe, a young veteran, and a struggling adult. At first glance, the six of them look incredibly awkward together in the room.

The trouble begins once they realize the waiting room they’re sitting in isn’t exactly a “waiting room” per se. Being an escape room, they scan the room for puzzles or codes to leave. However, finding certain pieces of the puzzle lead to them activating something deadly built in the room. From here on forward, each room they travel through holds the chance of life or death.

As the movie continues to reveal more rooms, secrets are revealed about each character’s past. The buildup of information from each person creates an intensity in the movie similar to the Saw franchise. While the movie can be humorous at times, it applies heavy doses of curiosity and drama.

Escape Room isn’t extremely graphic, it being Rated PG-13. Therefore, the movie does rely more on storytelling. The storyline altogether is well enough to grab your attention and even leaves the ending open to a possible sequel.

All in all, Escape Room is a great thriller to see if you’re a fan of escape rooms or just thriller movies in general. You can see Escape Room at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford.