BHS administrators welcome back students

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BHS administrators welcome back students

Ashley Birkeness, Staff Writer

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 BHS administrators held the “Welcome Back BHS Students!” assembly in the PAC during Buc Club on Jan 10 and 11. The administrators touched on topics of school accomplishments and new expectations.

Although the accomplishments and new rules were important the real show stopper was the BHS student Spotlight moment. This years Student Spotlight was, Illuzion Michel.

The video put together by Broadcast Media II focused on Michels background, family, social life, sports, rapping and djing.

Broadcast senior Mallory Gibbons said, “It was a new experience making a presentation for the assembly.”

Following the video introducing Michel, she was battled by junior Daniel Prather also known as Lil Water Pipe. The two contestants competed in a rap battle.

 Prather said, “It was definitely nerve wracking performing for the freshman and sophomores. Mostly because they look up to me as a role model as an upperclassman, but as soon as I started spitting some fire bars, and getting reactions, I knew it was going to be a great time.

Michel remained the champion and challenged her next competition. At the end of the assembly Michel picked BHS principal Mr. Billy Lewis. Mr. Lewis gladly accepted the challenge.

Michel said, “Standing on the stage was nothing compared to being on stage in front of 3000 people but I was a little nervous. Doing goofy work is worth showing the real me.”