New recovery classes offered to freshmen

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New recovery classes offered to freshmen

Grace Haug, Staff Writer

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On Dec. 13 Principal Mr. Billy Lewis gave all freshmen a presentation during their Buc club. This presentation was devoted to the new recovery classes designed to help students struggling make-up for their lost credits.

Freshman Rebecca Kolk said, “I think what they are doing is a good idea because it will be easier and more efficient for the students and teachers.”

At the end of this semester, teachers will go through to check if students have met their core credit requirements for Algebra 1, English 9, Biology/Integrated Science, and World studies. If not, students may be required to either take a recovery class or repeat the entire course in summer 2019-20.

Freshman Cole Swanson said, “I believe it would be very beneficial for students that are willing to put in the work. I also like the idea of teachers choosing who gets put in so it would go to kids that will actually try.”

If students choose to take a recovery course to make up for lost credits, it will be put in their schedule in place of any elective courses.

“We are trying to help students find their greatness here at Belvidere High School. Everything we do here is aimed at trying to help students do that,” said Lewis.

On Tuesday, Jan. 8 there will be checks to see if core credit requirements for each student have been met. If not, they may be recommended to be placed into a recovery class for that semester.