Escort rule cause anger among BHS students

Escort rule cause anger among BHS students

Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

BHS has put in a new rule that doesn’t allow students to use the bathroom during class periods unless they are escorted by a hall monitor or within the first five minutes. The rule forces kids to use their time more wisely during passing periods.

I think that rule is harsh on the 90 percent of students who follow the rules of the bathroom and that didn’t take advantage of their bathroom privileges. The rule prevents kids from being able to walk to the bathroom by themselves to the bathroom during class periods.

The rule is bad for the students at the high school because they get upset when they aren’t allowed to use the restroom. It’s insane for the school to say the students here are young adults than not let them walk to the bathroom by themselves. It’s also insane to expect students to make a huge financial decision on whether or not to go to college when you won’t let them do a normal human function by themselves.

I do understand why they did have to put the rule in place. Students have been vandalizing the bathroom and they have been juuling and vaping.

According to Mr.Billy Lewis, the rule has been used in the past before.

“Personally, I think it’s a bad idea because they are punishing the large percentage of kids who follow the rules,” said Junior Grace Haug, “The school should punish the kids who caused the rule to be put in place.”

A way to fix the problem is to have hall monitors stand outside the bathroom for the passing periods, and have them there during class periods. This would allow kids the opportunity to use the bathroom during class and not have to wait for a hall monitor to walk all the way to the class and it would get rid of the awkward walk with the hall monitor.