Keep the spirit of Santa alive

There is a lot of disagreement on when the best time for children to find out the sad truth about Santa. Many children find out before they even enter middle school, but I personally think that they should get to live through the fun and suspense of what they’re going to get from Santa.

Believing in Santa is good for children because it gives them a more creative mindset. Also, Christmas time will be much more exciting for them and put them in more of the Christmas spirit. Research done by  proves that believing in Santa is a healthy part of the development and can reinforce good values.

Sophomore Lizbeth Garduno said, “In middle school, you’re reaching your teenage years, whereas, in elementary school, you’re still a child and shouldn’t have your childhood dreams be crushed.”

Although lying is frowned on, it can sometimes be beneficial when the truth will hurt others. Telling someone’s children that Santa is not real will not only break their tiny, precious heart but also make them not want to trust you ever again.

Believing in Santa brings joy to Christmas because the activities that you do as tradition are always fun to look forward to. For example, Christmas time simply wouldn’t be the same without writing letters to Santa, baking cookies for him, and visiting him at the mall.

Kids should be given the opportunity to hold on to this feeling for as long as they can and have their dreams be fulfilled with everything that Santa brings them love, hope, happiness, and imagination.

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